Montepepe is located on a small, almost unique hill in the Apuo-Versiliese flatland, at about 5 km from the Tyrrhenian sea. Shaped as a regular cone, the hill’s surface is characterized by different color strips and different cultivations depending on the altitude. The olive grove begins from the flatland with a strip of terraces of vibrant green-grey colors. After that follows the vineyard with dark red stone walls, and finally the Forest, mainly formed by maritime pines, but with also patches of oaks, turkey oaks or cane-apple trees.

Over the last years, to answer the necessity of the winery more and more focused towards the production of high-level wines, we built a semi-pogea fermentation room with an olive wood ceiling that regulates naturally the temperature of the environment. The project of the new fermentation room, as well as the long restoration of the Villa, have been designed by Alberto Poggi Architecture Studio.