Our SPA accomplishes an idea born almost by chance a few years ago, when our family became the owner of Montepepe hill, without imagining what the future of these places would have been. Through the historical study and the recovery operations on the Vineyard and the Villa, the idea of a place born for Wine took shape. A site dedicated to the production of high quality wines, but also a place to enjoy them as food and, lastly, for the properties of wellbeing and beauty that secondary wine products can offer, such as pomace and grape seeds, as well as wine itself.

We have thus recovered some of the most fascinating rooms of the Villa, creating an exclusive SPA where guests can enjoy Vinotherapy practices such as: Bathing in Wine, Pomace and Grape seeds massages, and many other treatments in collaboration with 'Vinoble' - leading Austrian company in the production of Vinotherapy treatments - which processes our raw materials coming from Montepepe hill.

Treatments & massages

Private Luxury Spa